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Welcome to the Florida Immigration Law and Justice Center

Welcome to the Florida Immigration Law and Justice Center


Florida Immigration Law and Justice Center is committed to welcoming immigrants by providing affordable, high-quality immigration legal services. We actively advocate for immigrants’ rights on both local and national levels. Through dedicated education initiatives, we aim to enlighten both immigrant and non-immigrant communities about the issues facing our immigrant populations, fostering understanding, compassion, and unity within our diverse society.

Florida Immigration Law and Justice Center, Formerly FLJFON


Since its founding in 2017, the Florida Immigration Law and Justice Network has been committed to representing immigrants regardless of their ability to pay. Florida ILJ fights for the just and humane treatment of all immigrants, and we believe that representation truly does matter. Our goal is to decrease the percentage of immigrants who must enter court without legal representation or with unqualified representation.

Help Families Stay Together


Our supporters, donors, and volunteers make the work of Florida ILJ possible! With the generous support of our donors, we are able to provide crucial legal representation to our clients at no or low cost.

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Client Experiences

Explore our Success Stories section to witness the resilience of families and individuals we’ve assisted in navigating U.S. immigration complexities. These narratives highlight perseverance and the power of dedicated legal assistance. Their journeys inspire us and underscore the life-changing impact of our work. Join us in shaping lives and communities, and celebrate their triumphs.

Celebrations with this Miami Mom

Our client, who moved to a foreign country and became undocumented due to missing an asylum hearing, has overcome numerous challenges. Despite her status, she and her husband raised two college-educated children, one an AmeriCorps volunteer. She received Temporary Protective Status following Haiti’s earthquake. Her son became a US citizen, married, and started his own family. After long-awaited hope, ICE and Florida ILJ managed to terminate her removal order, enabling her to secure a green card as a US citizen’s mother. Today, she proudly holds her green card and looks forward to applying for naturalization in five years.

From Hard Times to New Life

The son of a deceased U.S. citizen traveled to the U.S. to be with his ailing father. After his visitor’s visa expired, he had no legal status. His mother arrived post the devastating 2010 Haitian earthquake. Following years of anticipation, he gained Lawful Permanent Residence due to his mother’s approved widow’s petition. Today, his entire family, including his mother and two younger siblings, hold legal status in the United States. Now a father himself, he cherishes his journey to stability and opportunity. Pictured here with his son, he signifies the face of resilience, and the promise of a hopeful future.

Small Victories

Navigating the immigration process often proves lengthy and arduous. Hence, each accomplishment calls for a celebration! Pictured here is a joyous couple who just received their eldest son’s long-awaited Work Authorization Card in the mail. This significant milestone represents a substantial hurdle they’ve managed to overcome. With this crucial document in hand, they can now confidently advance to the next phase of their family’s immigration journey. The card not only grants their son the legal right to work, but also imbues them with renewed hope, symbolizing their relentless resilience and unwavering commitment to making their American dream a reality.

The End of a Journey

Our client, pictured here, has successfully secured his Lawful Permanent Residence (green card) following an arduous journey. Many who qualify for this status face daunting challenges; obtaining a green card is rarely straightforward. Finally, the application was approved and presented by Janet Horman, Florida ILJ’s previous Executive Director at Redland Community United Methodist Church. This supportive congregation hosts monthly immigration clinics, guiding clients through their immigration journeys. They joined in celebration as our client, a U.S. resident for 20 years, completed his quest for permanent residence. His heartfelt first wish was to visit his parents. In five years, he can apply for naturalization, inching closer to becoming a U.S. citizen.

Families Reunited

Over several years, the pictured father tirelessly collaborated with Florida ILJ to bring his 10-year-old son to the U.S. Their joyful reunion occurred in July. His son, radiant with a captivating smile, has a passion for soccer and began school in the fall. We’re currently assisting this devoted father in facilitating his older children’s migration to the U.S. The dream of reuniting the entire family on American soil instills us with great anticipation and hope. Their story is a testament to perseverance and love, demonstrating that even amidst overwhelming challenges, families can rebuild their lives and thrive in new surroundings.

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