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The Faces Behind Florida Immigration Law and Justice Center

At the heart of the Florida Immigration Law and Justice Center are our remarkable staff members and board. These devoted individuals work tirelessly, leveraging their expertise to provide high-quality legal services and advocate for immigrant rights. They share a vision of a more equitable world where every person, regardless of immigration status, is treated with dignity and respect. Explore below to learn more about the people who make our mission possible.

Nicole Leon
Nicole LeonExecutive Director
To contact Nicole, email
Jeanette Ynfante
Jeanette YnfanteLegal Director: Miami Service Area
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Alekssandra Lopez
Alekssandra LopezLegal Coordinator/Attorney
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Tanya Fernanda
Tanya FernandaParalegal/DOJ Accredited Representative Candidate
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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors brings together leaders from diverse industries, cultures, and backgrounds, all unified by their commitment to championing the mission of Florida ILJ. They work fervently to advocate for immigrant rights and to facilitate the progress of immigrants within our community. Playing an indispensable role, the Florida ILJ Board of Directors serves as the driving force that propels our work forward.

Florida ILJ’s Officers

Jonathan SanchezChairperson
Adjunct Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary
Emily MejiaSecretary
Abener Mejia Construction
Sharon G. AustinEx-Officio
East Central District Superintendent, FL Conference UMC
Lisa WilliamsVice Chairperson
Board Certified Professional Coach, Be Brave Coaching
Jonathan FriedTreasurer
Executive Director, We-Count, retired
Heidi AspinwallDesignee
Young Adult Missional Movement Director

Florida ILJ’s Board

Emily Hotho
Gulf Central District Superintendent, FL Conference UMC
Pamela Qualls
Chief Operating Officer, Just Add Power, Inc.
Ruth Jean-Pierre
Behavioral Science Research
Audrey Warren
Pastor: First United Methodist Church Miami
Glenn Bosley-Mitchell
UMC Pastor, retired
Jaime Faberlle
Pastor: St. John’s Methodist Church Sarasota
Esther Rodriguez-Perez
The Hope Partnership
Ashley Hamill
Executive Director and Managing Attorney, Family Immigration and Rights
Center (FIRC)

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