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Our History: A Story of Helping and Learning

Our history dates back to 2008 when United Methodist Cooperative/Suncoast in Pinellas County and Church and Community Connections in Osceola formed a program that formally became the non-profit Central Florida Justice For Our Neighbors in 2011. Due to a series of challenges, the organization ceased operations in 2014. That same year, in South Florida, an original Just Neighbors founder, Janet Horman, began serving clients through South Florida Justice For Our Neighbors, a program hosted by Branches, another Florida UMC Conference Outreach Ministry.

In 2017, South Florida Justice For Our Neighbors separated from Branches and sought to revive the non-profit incorporation of Central Florida Justice For Our Neighbors. In the next two years, under the guidance of National Justice For Our Neighbors, the efforts started in Central and South Florida and combined their strengths to become Florida Justice For Our Neighbors.

Today, Florida Justice For Our Neighbors is known as the Florida Immigration Law and Justice Center (Florida ILJ). Over the years, we have been dedicated to assisting immigrants and refugees in navigating the complexities of the U.S. immigration system. Our mission has always been to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality legal support, regardless of their location. With the advent of advanced video conferencing technology, we are now able to make our services more accessible than ever before.